Photo from the Patta Documentary.

How to Make It In Streetwear, From Amsterdam’s Patta

Amsterdam's finest are giving us an in-depth look into the world of streetwear with their documentary.

Amsterdam’s Patta is celebrating their 10-year anniversary in a very special way. The brand will be releasing a documentary that follows the brand’s history and influence in the world of streetwear, holding nothing back. The trailer gives a behind-the-scenes look at everything the shop has its hands in, fromm design to brand consulting and everything in between. The doc even gives a look at the lifestyle after the shop closes its doors, with parties that look downright popping. It seems that the good folks at Patta are providing an in-depth look at making it big in the streetwear business.

The Patta documentary is set to release soon. Stay tuned for details.

Photo from the Patta Documentary.

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