An Animated Lost Beastie Boys Interview

Blank on Blank animates a lost 1985 Beastie Boys tape interview conducted by reporter/journalist Rocci Fisch for ABC News.

Back in 1985 reporter/journalist Rocci Fisch interviewed the Beastie Boys for ABC News–pre-internet, pre-MP3. The lost tape recording wound up getting picked up by PBS Digital and  given new life by the anthropological animators of  Blank on Blank–a series that uncovers past interviews and repurposes them for fans. The candid interview covers everything, from how the boys came up with their name, what it was like to open up for Madonna, getting arrested for cursing on stage in Virginia and dealing with the stereotypes of being labelled as white/suburban rappers. With newfound interest and buzz in the Beastie Boys, thanks to an upcoming memoir about their influential work (getting officially manifested by Mass Appeal’s Sacha Jenkins), it’s only right that we share this insightfully tasteful addition.








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