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Stick ’em Up: Skyler Grey Street Art

Stick ’em Up: Skyler Grey Street Art


Skyler Grey Queen Amy

Sticker: Queen Amy

Graphic: Image of Amy Winehouse looking like the Queen of England.

Location: SoHo

Website: Facebook.com/SkylerGreyStreetArt

Context: Around the corner from our office, a middle-aged looking man was slapping stickers with an image of Amy Winehouse up and down the street. After curiously questioning him, we found out that he was actually sticker bombing for his 12-year-old son, the creator of the art, who was currently at an afternoon birthday party. His son is Skyler Grey. Skyler has been making waves around L.A. with his signature piece “Queen Amy” as well as many other of his works. At only 12 years of age, he’s already had his work exhibited at galleries, and his work is actually selling. Don’t believe us? See it for yourself at Lab Art LA.

At such a young age, Skyler’s skills could easily make you feel down about your own level of creativity. From skating to painting it seems like kids these days are developing skills at extremely young ages, and diving head first into their careers. Look out for this young artist/entrepreneur in the future, as we’re sure he will only climb in skill and popularity.

Skyler Grey

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  • Seth

    Its so great how today’s youth are learning how to deface property et even younger ages. Big-ups! 

  • Ibreakstuff

    It is great!