Martin Scorsese Robert De Niro Taxi Driver M65

American Standard: Military Issued M-65 Jackets

The M-65 jacket is stitched in time as a symbol of politics, fashion and cinema. One look at Robert De Niro's character wearing the military issued jacket in Taxi ties together the garment's place in history.

One of most iconic jackets that says “Fuck You” on so many levels is the M-65. The several I own drop F-bombs like it’s nobody’s business. Since purchasing my first M-65, I’ve come to the conclusion that not all jackets are created equal. The M-65 is by far superior. Conceived in 1965, hence the numerical suffix in its name, this military field jacket was worn by US soldiers in the early years of America’s Vietnam War. The self-expression of youth at this time was seamless with the political stance they took, whether they were skin heads or Black Panthers. They spoke with attitude, and they wore their opinions on their sleeves. The sociopolitical impression the M-65 made was only the beginning. In 1976, the M-65 rose to new heights when Robert De Niro gave his historical performance as Travis Bickel in Taxi. The seamless transformation from casual blue-collar taxi driver into a crazed vigilante killed it with his DIY Mohawk, straight leg blue jeans, and the M-65 as the green monolith of fashion.

Now here we are, 47 years later and the M-65 in my opinion has become the classic blueprint for designers to follow. Yes, color and fabrication may differ depending on the interpretation, but the core construction should remain the same if executed correctly. Note: The original M-65 was made from medium weight durable cotton and with four bearing front pockets. This allows you to stash all your supplies for the day and still have room to spare. Last but not least, the hidden hood that is rolled and stored into the neckline by a zipper pouch adds another practical layer to a timeless article of clothing.

M65 Military Field Jacket

Brand: Union – Ten C Field Jacket
Price Tag: $1298
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Vintage Style Military M-65 Field Jacket
Price Tag: $62.99
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M65 Military Field Jacket

Japanese Cotton-twill field jacket
Price Tag: $880
Brand: Filson Black Label
Price Tag: $618.21

How to Rock your M-65 in Spring/Summer 2012:

Spring: Layer a light-weight short sleeve button up plaid shirt, with straight jeans (a light wash vintage Levi’s with a few distressed holes are my denim of preference at this time of year) with a quick roll to bottom hem, and some Red Vans will add the pop of color to your look.

Summer: At night is when you will usually go to grab your M-65. Pairing it over an all white look is my modern take for this summer. Weather you choose a white tank/tee and shorts/jeans make sure white kicks accompany the getup.

Robert De Niro Taxi Driver Jacket

Martin Scorsese Robert De Niro Taxi Driver M65

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