Bump That! Amber London “Low MF Key”

Listen, there are seemingly more females in the rap game than ever. Some of them are very attractive, and they rap about how other females are ugly. And of course there are plenty of ladies on the mic with something to say, who can roast any emcee of any gender–be it male, female or “crossover” genders.

Amber London is so throwback gangsta that she’s ahead of her time. In the video clip for her tune “Low MF Key” (which has been a around for some time) she’s dressed like Aaliyah, but she’s spitting like MFing Mc Eight (you better know who Eight is). 

This chick is GANGSTA with a capitol G. I feel sorry for you if she’s got problems with you. She would probably steal Iggy’s chain then give it back to her, only to pimp her to the homies. SERIOUSLY. You best protect ya neck.

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