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Alt-J “Every Other Freckle”

Alt-J “Every Other Freckle”

Gearing up fans even more for the September 22 release of their sophomore album, This Is All Yours, UK band Alt-J has shared a new track. After the Miley Cyrus-sampled “Hunger Of The Pine” and classic rock-influenced “Left Hand Free” comes “Every Other Freckle.”

“Every Other Freckle” follows the template of Alt-J’s first album, An Awesome Wave, the most out of their new material. It starts off indie rock-influenced, but through twists and turns ends up being a whole lot weirder. They somehow always manage to surprise, wether it be with the use of an off-key synth, or some kind of modified voice harmony. The buzzing bassline in the song is also very reminiscent of their first album cut “Fitzpleasure.”

Given the strength and variety of all three tracks, This Is All Yours is shaping up to be a great album. Listen to “Every Other Freckle” below.




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