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Allen Ying’s Skate Photography Challenges Authority

Allen Ying’s Skate Photography Challenges Authority

Allen Ying Tengu Skateboarding Dusk

The New York Times continues to give a nod to skateboarding and photographer Allen Ying continues to define the inherent anti-authoritarian nature of the hobby. In a currently-running online piece, the Times interviews the visionary about his work and the influence behind them.

“Questioning authority is a big part of it. Some kids today probably don’t even know that there’s this part of it — breaking the law and skating.”

Colin Read’s skate film, Tengu: God of Mischief, where Ying’s latest batch of stunning (and dangerous) skate photos derive from — including the infamous 145th Street subway gap — will be available for fans in October. Folks can pre-order it now via the Mandible Claw website.

Head on over to the NYT site and peep the entire piece (and a few other photos) for yourself here.

Allen Ying Skateboarding MTA NYC Subway
Allen Ying Photography Skateboarding
Allen Ying Skateboarding MTA NYC Train Car
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