Allen Ying’s Skate Photography Challenges Authority

The New York Times features Allen Ying's breathtaking skateboarding photos and interviews him about their lawless nature.

Allen Ying Tengu Skateboarding Dusk

The New York Times continues to give a nod to skateboarding and photographer Allen Ying continues to define the inherent anti-authoritarian nature of the hobby. In a currently-running online piece, the Times interviews the visionary about his work and the influence behind them.

“Questioning authority is a big part of it. Some kids today probably don’t even know that there’s this part of it — breaking the law and skating.”

Colin Read’s skate film, Tengu: God of Mischief, where Ying’s latest batch of stunning (and dangerous) skate photos derive from — including the infamous 145th Street subway gap — will be available for fans in October. Folks can pre-order it now via the Mandible Claw website.

Head on over to the NYT site and peep the entire piece (and a few other photos) for yourself here.

Allen Ying Skateboarding MTA NYC Subway

Allen Ying Photography Skateboarding

Allen Ying Skateboarding MTA NYC Train Car

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