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Jackets as Art: ALLDAYEVERYDAY Presents “DILLIGAF”

Jackets as Art: ALLDAYEVERYDAY Presents “DILLIGAF”

A a group of artists is bringing new meaning to the expression “wear your heart on your sleeve” with a new group show called “DILLIGAF

Understanding clothing–specifically jackets–as means of personal expression, marketing company ALLDAYEVERYDAY has brought together artists from the worlds of visual art, fashion and music to customize desconstructed jackets.

Distressed, embellished and painted the jackets and art run the gamut from the dark and brooding to whimsical; all of them representing the ideals of individualism, community and identification through symbolism.

These re-interpretations of the  classic denim and black leather jackets were done by artists Claire Barrow, Erik Foss, Gio Forfex, Othelo Gervacio, Jack Greer, Patrick Griffin, Alexander Heir, Lyz Olko and Tamara Sanitbanez. Check out some of the pieces below.

DILLIGAF is on view at ALLDAYEVERYDAY Oct. 27 and -28.


604 East 11th Street

NY, NY 10009





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