Allan Kingdom Mediocre Beat Building Instrumental

Allan Kingdom Show Viewers How To Let The Beat Build

Allan Kingdom has The Internet and Plain Pat talking with his latest beat-building video, "Mediocre."

The Internet is watching and soon the streets may be talking about Allan Kingdom. Hailing from Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota the young artist drops his latest video “Mediocre” where he produces a beat live while performing the lyrics — all from his bedroom!  The Francisco Bibiloni-directed visuals shows Kingdom using nothing but his laptop, making the concept simple yet genius. The Internet sensation also happened to be mentioned and re-tweeted by well known A&R, Plain Pat (Kid Cudi anyone…duh). Stating that we should take his advice now or we will be jumping on a bandwagon six months later.  When asked about Plain Pat’s timely co-sign, the humbled artist stated the following :

Plain Pat’s someone I’ve looked at as a huge role model and his music has literally made a huge part of who I am so it’s all a little surreal. He flew out to Minnesota my first headlining show when I was 17. Glad that we’ve finally joined forces now. Even though I still got a long way to go it’s a dream come true and an honor. – Allan Kingdom

The point is this, when cats like Plain Pat are talking about you, it usually isn’t in vain. Check out Allan Kingdom’s site for more of his work.

Plain Pat Tweet Allan Kingdom

Allan Kingdom Orange Light Shadow

Allan Kingdom Mediocre Beat Building Instrumental

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