Pharrell Perrotin Salle de Bal Show 2014 Paris Daniel Arsham Mold

All Pharrell Everything: New Art Show Goes Deep With P

G I R L 2.0

This May, Pharrell is hitting the “City of Love” – fitting for a man that has turned the world’s frowns upside down through good tunes, fun hats, and a smile that the ladies can’t resist. While P’s been caressing your eardrums he’s also been at work with gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin to bring to light the inaugaral show for Perrotin’s new gallery space “Salle de Bal.” Inspired by a sneak preview of Pharrell’s album last year, Perrotin’s new show is titled “G I R L.”

The pieces in the new show, an estimated 40 in total, are both curated and commissioned and evoke a “celebration of women and love.” In addition, Pharrell is rumored to be the subject of several works, especially notable is one by Daniel Arsham that is a full body mold filled with shattered glass. An allusion to his adidas homie Kanye’s many rants about glass ceilings, a tribute to Blondie, or is it the climax to an opus that began with Pharrell’s first steps in those Swarovski Stan Smith jammy jams? Who knows….

Below you’ll find a number of the commissioned pieces along with statements from the artists as well:

Perrotin Kaws Pharrell 2014 Salle Bal "Girl"

KAWS (Brian Donnelly) | “I first met Pharrell through a mutual friend, Nigo, in Tokyo almost 10 years ago. He started commissioning me to make paintings for his home, and that’s how I got to know him as a friend. Pharrell has an infectious enthusiasm about everything he gets involved with; it’s impossible to have a boring meeting with him. Regarding my painting for the ‘G I R L’ exhibition at Perrotin, all I could say is ‘Lucy is the boss.’”

Pharrell Perrotin Murakami 2014 Salle Be Bal Dance

Takashi Murakami | “We live in an age where talent continues developing at a nonstop pace. Until now, Pharrell has made his name as a producer — a person who specializes in making his collaborators look great. But now he has had big hits with ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Happy.’ He has succeeded in making listeners and people watching on YouTube feel great. So the moment you use Pharrell as a medium, pretty much anyone is able to release this magical power that brings out the best you have to offer. For this curated exhibition as well, every piece will benefit from contact with his powers and glow with new life.”

Pharrell Perrotin Salle de Bal Rob Pruitt Loveseat

Rob Pruitt | “I did two Pharrell projects. The second project is a couch completely covered in Pharrell-themed, Pharell-inspired marker doodles — essentially an entire Pharrell universe consisting of some of his favorite things. It’s a dream come true to work with Pharrell and exciting to show a work at Perrotin!”

Pharrell Perrotin 2014 Salle de Bal Daniel Arsham Shattered Glass Mold

Daniel Arsham | “These works recall the frozen figures from Pompeii. Two hundred pounds of shattered glass will be reformed inside this mold to form Pharrell’s figure. The position of the hands is something I have seen Pharrell do many times and recalls a figure praying or giving thanks. I have made many of these broken glass figures in the past, but I am always the one inside the mold so this was a new experience for both of us. It is an intense process. He had to be perfectly still for two hours to make this mold. Pharrell knows how to be quiet and still, which is one of the hardest things to do in this world.”


Pharrell and Emmanuel Perrotin’s “G I R L” exhibition will open up May 27 and will be on view at Salle de Bal, Galerie Perrotin, 60, rue du Turenne, 75003 Paris until June 25th. If you can make it out to Paris, then this is the place to be for sure.

[h/t T Magazine ]

Pharrell Perrotin Salle de Bal Show 2014 Paris Daniel Arsham Mold

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