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All I Need Is One


More than a decade old, and Nas’s “One Mic is still one of the most poignant songs in hip hop history. The opening line struck a chord with his audience, becoming a landmark phrase within the culture at large.

For artists looking to break out today, the thirst is more than real. The idea of being able to shake up the status quo through their sound sits at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape. This idea that one person can make an impact, that all they need is “one mic, one beat, one stage…” still resonates.

Mass Appeal asked our favorite emerging acts “What’s one item they can’t live without?” For some, it’s something they always take with them on stage, for others, it’s just something they got as a kid and can’t let go. Join us, as we shine the spotlight on these artists’ stories and photos behind the item they can’t live without.


Chicago’s R&B revival
Saturday, October 20th – Bushwick Rooftop
Photos By: Ruben Henriquez

Why we loved them: The Chi-Town group’s performance at Fader Fort jumped from mobbing out with the homies one minute to sensual slow jam session the next. Oh, and there are the countless assists they gave to bros sealing the deal. Ladies love JODY.

Photo of JODY for Mass Appeal's All I Need Is One series, shot by Ruben Henriquez/

All I Need Is One:
“My watch. This is a watch by my favorite musician Jean Michel Jarre. It’s part of this series of watches Swatch did in 1992 called Musicall. The best part is the alarm was written by Jarre. I got the whole collection on eBay a couple years ago for like $20. I wear different watches from this collection at all The-Drum and JODY shows for good luck.” – Brandon

Photo of the Chicago group JODY for Mass Appeal's series All I Need Is One on a Brooklyn rooftop, shot by Ruben Henriquez.

All I Need Is One:
“Weed. Smoking makes music sound better and makes my OCD calm down enough for me to enjoy life.” – Jeremiah

Photo of JODY's essential items for Mass Appeal's All I Need Is One Series, shot by Ruben Henriquez.

All I Need Is One:
“Chicago transit is so fufu but at the same time so are gas prices and shit. Plus where niggas kick it, there just so happens to be 24 hour public transit. Shit, you can low key put 4 niggas on 1 ride at a turn style if no one’s there watching. But that CTA pass is our key to the city and a nigga can’t leave the crib without his keys.” – Dave

Photo of JODY holding one of their essential items for Mass Appeal's All I Need Is One Series, shot by Ruben Henriquez.