All I Need is One: Tree

We asked Chicago rapper and producer Tree, what's the one thing he can't live without?

More than a decade old, and Nas’ “One Mic” is still one of the most poignant songs in hip hop history. The opening line struck a chord with his audience, becoming a landmark phrase within the culture at large.

For artists looking to break out today, the thirst is more than real. The idea of being able to shake up the status quo through their sound sits at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape. This idea that one person can make an impact, that all they need is “one mic, one beat, one stage…” still resonates.

Mass Appeal asked our favorite musical acts “What’s one item they can’t live without?” For some, it’s something they always take with them on stage, for others, it’s just something they got as a kid and can’t let go. Join us, as we shine the spotlight on these artists’ stories and photos behind the item they can’t live without.

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