Alien Workshop’s Section From Transworld’s “The Cinematographer Project”

Take me to your camera.

Today, Transworld Skateboarding made the incredible Alien Workshop section public from their latest full-length video, “The Cinematographer Project.” The video differs from the standard skate video, with the riders getting their individual parts directed and shot by a different filmmaker. Jon Holland, Beagle, William Strobeck, and RB Umali (among others) get to share their own vision of skateboarding.

Given that The Sovereign Sect has always had a very identifiable aesthetic for their video projects, the section is credited simply to Alien Workshop. Given the current Workshop situation, it’s a blast from the past to see the whole former team together, including #TeamsHandsome Dylan Rieder, Jason Dill, Antony Van Engelen,  Grant Taylor, and Omar Salazar. Jake Johnson and Gilbert Crockett make their pro debut in stunning fashion as well. A strange cut from Apparat Organ Quartet (kick) pushes and segments the part perfectly.

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