Algoriddim’s djay 2 App Now Available for Android Devices

Algoriddim’s djay 2 App Now Available for Android Devices

The term “DJ” has a completely different connotation now than it did when folks had to transport stacks and stacks of crates just to earn a few bucks, which ultimately went towards purchasing more vinyl…and crates.

Today, the barriers to becoming a DJ are virtually nonexistent. In fact, many would argue that you don’t even need turntables to be a DJ, including Karim Morsy and Christoph Teschner, the founders of Algoriddim. The Germany-based software company received numerous awards after launching their feature-rich app djay, including a highly coveted Apple Design Award in 2011.

djay for Android 2

Today, Algoriddim announced that its popular iOS app djay 2 has been made available for all Android devices. The app provides Spotify Premium subscribers access to the streaming service’s millions of songs, and includes a “Match” feature that provides suggestions on what to play next, utilizing The Echo Nest‘s analysis of Spotify’s database.

This writer received a personal preview of the app in action last week; on some nerd shit, the low latency audio performance is fucking ridiculous. It’s like having the power of Serato at your fingertips for a fraction of the price. Oh, you can also record your mixes and share them with your friends right from the app.

Watch a video of DMC Champion DJ Rasp using the video player above.

djay 2 is now available on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for a limited time introductory price of $2.99.