Alexander Spit Brick Stowell Decon

Alexander Spit’s “B.N.E.” Highlights Breathtaking Trip EP

We let our mind spray on the lead single from Alexander Spit's new EP, now available for free download.

Alexander Spit Brick Stowell Decon A Breathtaking Trip EP

Decon Records signee Alexander Spit just dropped his new EP, titled A Breathtaking Trip. Women, weed, and weather fill out the prerequisite credentials expected from a release from a West Coast rapper like Spit who reps the lifestyle he raps about. Not that those predictable elements are a bad thing for being obvious, what’s at least noteworthy is the ironic connection between Alexander Spit’s first single, “B.N.E.” (Best Night Ever) and BNE the graffiti writer.”B.N.E.” and the graf artist speak to a greater audience at large because they both pump stimulating products into your bodies. “….Whiskeys watered down ’til it’s like champagne or pinot…” is a reference to the beverages that quench the thirst for debauchery on Track 3 off A Breathtaking Trip; conversely, BNE is behind a campaign to provide water to impoverished nations without access to clean water. We’ll go further to say, even after the best night ever is filled with intoxicants, at some point water becomes your oasis for re-hydration and salvation. We’ll step off from dissecting the parallels and let you get back to enjoying yourself with some new heat from Alexander Spit.

Download A Breathtaking Trip via LimeLinx, or stream the album below.

A Breathtaking Trip EP cover art Alexander Spit

Alexander Spit Brick Stowell Decon

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