Alexander Spit “Mansions 2” Official Anime Video

Alexander Spit's "Mansions 2" gets an anime music video treatment from director David Gallardo.

While prepping for his instrumentals project, Mansions 2: A Collection of Psychedelic Unapologetic Instrumentals, West Coast talent Alexander Spit dropped an official music video featuring anime laced by snippets from the beat tape.  Fans should note that the visual magnum opus (directed by David Gallardo) portrays the story of hitman making amends with his dark past set to the tone of Spit’s psychedelic score. The project officially released back on May 28, 2013 with a deluxe 2 CD + Hoodie bundle that can be ordered via the Alexander Spit’s site here.

This shit is still so dope to us we decided to share it with you again.

Black Title Screen Two

Naked Blonde Girl Lady Water Wet Splash

Lady Girl Blonde Horserider Phone

Rider Lady Blonde Girl Gun Shot Fall

Suits Men Three Ties Dark Animation

Angry Man Flowers Animation Brown Suit

Villain Shades Animation Aviators Purple Behind

Freefall Jump Man Suit Brown Suicide Animation Buildings

Red Animation Hero Water Shocked

Gun Wait Blue Animation Suit Hitman

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