Alexander Spit “Mansions 2” Full Stream

Alexander Spit delivers a full stream of his highly anticipated instrumental mixtape, Mansions 2.

The cover artwork for Alexander Spit's instrumental mixtape Mansions 2.

After teasing his new project the past month with an exclusive leak and anime video, Alexander Spit delivers his highly anticipated instrumental mixtape, Mansions 2: A Collection of Psychedelic Unapologetic Instrumentals. Featuring 25 tracks of speaker bumping, soul sampling goodness, Mansions 2 picks up where Mansions left off. According to Spit, Mansions 2 is his approach to “heavily sample-based production with the motif of grandiose luxury for the intent of listeners getting ‘lost’ in the soundscape, the same way one might get lost wandering in a mansion.” You can stream the entire project below and download it here. Make sure to grab the Lisnr app to unlock exclusive content from the project.

Mass Appeal supports Devin P-B, but not his tweets @its_DPB

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