Room American Flag Hoodie Rapping Light Graffiti

Premiere: Alexander Spit “Black Magic On Blue Magic”

Face melt with Alexander Spit from his home-based studio to the Californian shore in his new video.

Fresh off the release of his Mansions 2 instrumentals project, Los Angeles-based producer/MC Alexander Spit decides to reach back and serve up a trippy visual dish from his original commercial debut A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside. The full length project dropped earlier this year to much accolade and buzz as Alexander made a name for himself thanks to his psychedelic instrumentation and Cali-bred lyrics to match.

For “Black Magic On Blue Magic” the self-powered musician teamed up with visual wizard Jason Goldwatch to shoot what starts off as a  lo-fi peer into his home-based lab and magically transforms into a beach setting. How’s that for the “Otherside”? Lock in and enjoy the ride. And catch a glimpse of Spit’s more intimate decorations, psychedelic paraphernalia and memorabilia while you’re at it too.

art graffiti scribble yellow black red

hoodie eyes closed stubble mustache

blur psychedelic drugs melt merge

hoodie gray beach shore staring dazed

sunset beach shore sky dusk dawn

Room American Flag Hoodie Rapping Light Graffiti

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