Alexander Spit Feat. Alchemist “Getaway Car”

They rocked at our CMJ Takeover in October and now Bay Area-based rapper/producer has linked up with fellow emcee/ beatmaker Alchemist for the song “Getaway Car.” Spit and ALC talk fast cars, faster women, and drugs on this, the lead single for his upcoming commercial debut It’s A Breathtaking Trip to That Other Side.  The album drops on Decon Records on Jan. 29 and will feature guest shots from Mr. MFN eXquire, Action Bronson, and E-40 too.

Listen to the song above and get a taste of what’s to come and check out  A Breathtaking Trip To That Other Side’s track list below:

1) Black Magic On Blue Magic
2) Ride (Chicken Wit The Odds)
4) That’s Spit / Space Echoes
5) A Breathtaking Trip feat. BAGO
6) NRML Ave Interlude
7) B.N.E. Remix feat. E-40 & Mr. MFN Exquire
8) Coastal / Hyperion co-prod. by Caleb Stone
9) Lakes
10) Getaway Car feat. Alchemist
11) Vodka Interlude prod. by In Transit
12) Artesia feat. Action Bronson
13) Pulp 2013 / Heroin Chic
14) Cinema Interlude
15) Honeymoon In A Motel Room
16) Sluts Kiss French co-prod. by Bobby Evans
17) Death By 27

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