Alex Gross: Future Tense At The Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Alex Gross: Future Tense At The Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Los Angeles based artist Alex Gross is in the midst of a his fourth solo show currently being held at NYC’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Gross’ “Future Tense” is an exploration of the Pop-Art medium and implements key figures and iconography to comment on society.


Gross’ over the top style and polished images evoke the glossy mags that we consume and the culture that those outlets in turn perpetuate. Using themes like the media, industrialization, fast food, and consumerism, Gross pulls back the curtain and holds a mirror to the face of society.


The pieces featured in “Future Tense” are described as a means of portraying “mankind as apathetically living in a world overwhelmed by advertising and propaganda,” aka we live in a world controlled by the media, advertising, and trends. To sum it up, the world’s become a place where we’ve forgotten to live in the moment and would rather sit and stare while scarfing down whatever ills money can buy.


Here’s how the folks at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery are describing it:

“Gross’ paintings suggest that, in our culture, it is impossible to escape (even briefly) from corporate influence. In this exhibition, the artist expands upon themes of consumerism, industrialization and the omnipresent media, carefully treading the line between imaginary dreamscape and sociopolitical commentary. His work represents the psychological state of contemporary society and our inability to exist in the present moment.” 

Head on over to the Jonathan LeVine Gallery to check out Alex Gross’ “Future Tense,” showing from now until November 8th.