Albert Einstein’s Secret Tattoos

E = MC-inked

Bet you didn’t know that the German-born father of relativity and quantum physics had an insane stash of esoteric tattoos all over his body? Good. Neither did we!

And apparently so do/did a whole bunch of other iconic folk in pop-cultural history thanks to the work of Seattle-based artist, Randall Cheyenne (aka IndianGiver).

So even though these aren’t necessarily “real,” Cheyenne repurposes the images of renowned names like Einstein, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, and even Leanard “Spock” Nimoy by adding ink to their celebrity skin.





Readers interested in checking out the “opposite” of this effect should also peep Jason Goldwatch’s Timepiece: Trigz In LA. If this blew your mind, that one will implode it.

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