Al Boges Sitting Picnic BBQ Frozen Grapes

Al Boges & Dr. Manhattan “Frozen Grapes” ft. Ms. Anne

Kingston, New York is in the house with this soulful end-of-summer anthem that'll leave you yearning for an L and some air conditioning.

Al Boges has Kingston, New York on his back. If you don’t know Kingston, you will soon enough as there is a burgeoning rap scene bubbling up there. Pittsburg was once on the bubble and now that bubble has burst (Wiz, Mac). From the ashes of industrial cities gone unemployed comes rappers with passion and piercing lyrics. As a side note, Al Boges is a nice guy. Nice guys can win sometimes. Bump This!

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Al Boges Frozen Grapes BBQ Picnic People Party

Picnic BBQ New York Yankees Hat Cup Drink Summer

Al Boges Sitting Picnic BBQ Frozen Grapes

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  • K-Swizzle

    This is terrible. Each “verse” has like 3 lines and then you just chant “L’s under the AC” for the rest of the song. This is what is going to put Kingston on the map? Haha. Keep trying.

  • Carl Weston

    Haters form your line here.

  • Lauren Nowa

    Haters going to hate keep doing your thing love <3