Raekwon and Akomplice collaborate on Limited Edition Belt

Akomplice and Raekwon partner up for an exclusive update to the AK leather Pelican Belt.


Akomplice and Raekwon are back at it again with their latest collaboration since their 2008 partnership and t-shirt release.  Their newest joint effort produces an all-exclusive update to the AK leather Pelican Belt. How exclusive? AK will only release 25 belts along with a wooden cigar box, cleverly paying tribute to Raekwon’s legendary Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, 1995 album. The belt combines both an imprinted AK logo as well as the Wu-Tang artist’s name branded within the thick rawhide.  The belt will release this June 1st at 1pm on the Akomplice website.

Raekwon_AK_Fish7 (1) Raekwon_AK_Fish6 Raekwon_AK_Fish2 Raekwon_AK_Fish5 Raekwon akomplice colaberate on limited edition belt Raekwon_AK_Fish new belt release

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