Akinyele Puts His Money In Lollypop’s Strip Club

From now on, when they say put your money where your mouth is, think of Akinyele. The LeFrak City rep found a new cash cow in his new 24-hour gentlemen's club in Las Vegas, which only plays hip-hop. Welcome back Ak!

Akinyele, known for his over-the-top explicit lyrics in the ’90s is making bank through what’s becoming an oral fixation in Las Vegas. The rapper/entrepreneur opened up Lollypop’s the 24-hour exclusive adult entertainment gentlemen’s club, located behind the Mandalay Bay Hotel. It has already cashed in $5 million dollars in its opening week, around the Mayweather and Cotto fight. His partner in his recent venture is Sean Cummings, CEO of Show magazine, who casts the best of the best for the nightclub. As for the name, Lollypop’s is much more tame than Akinyele’s career highlights like “Put It In Your Mouth” and “F— Me For Free.” If things keep panning out, he’s likely to reach the same household notoriety especially if The Hangover crew returns to Vegas for a visit to his fine establishment. Listen to the promo for the club. Ak sounds straight off one of his album interludes.

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