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Air Yeezy 2 – Red

Air Yeezy 2 – Red

Air Yeezy 2 Red closeup shot

The anticipation for the all red “Air Yeezy 2″ seems to grow stronger and stronger by the day. Ever since Kanye West’s electrifying performance on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back, sneaker heads have been waiting to hear any new information on these bad boys. The sneaker features include snakeskin material, gold lace tips, and an insignia of the Egyptian sun god Horus. A notable difference is the red glow-in-the-dark sole as opposed to the green glow-in-the-dark sole seen on the previous releases. No one knows for sure if these pairs will be made available for retail release, or if they will be strictly limited to family and friends. Check back with us for more updates on the all red Air Yeezy 2. In the mean while check out some of our other sneaker- related posts.

Air Yeezy 2 Red holding
Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red pair
Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red strap close up
Air Yeezy 2 Red glow in the dark

Kanye West SNL performance.


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