Air Jordan 13 Retro – White/ Black-True Red “He Got Game”

Peep these new Jordans, inspired by MJ's panther-like playing style.


What can we say about these sneakers that hasn’t been said already? They’re named after Spike Lee’s “He Got Game” and renowned sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield based the shoe’s silhouette on a panther after observing Jordan’s agility and aggressiveness on the court:

“If you’ve ever watched Michael play then you would see the resemblance between him and a panther. Michael Jordan would watch his players, and all of a sudden he would make the move, and before you knew what happened Michael had the ball.”

Thus inspiring the padded cushion of the sole, which resembles a panther’s paw and the holographic bubble on the back, which mimics the reflection of the ferocious feline’s eyes when struck by light.

Or we could simply tell you that  they drop tomorrow, making local retailers have lines longer than crack houses did in the ’80s.



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