Ricky Powell the Rickster After The Smoke rap interview

ATS & Ricky Powell Eliminate Segregation

It's hot down in Florida where After The Smoke is from, but the duo stays cool in their interview with Ricky Powell.

In regards to After The Smoke, Ricky Powell says, “I think they are a very relevant group to acknowledge.” Word. They’re in the now, but the Rickster is putting you in the know without getting too deep on the politricks affecting them through record label disputes. Washing down any feelings of bitterness from the drama goes down nice with a Heineken. The Tallahassee boys touched down in NY for the latest edition of Rappin’ With the Rickster and they keep it trilla, for real-la. Seeing them in the Brian Nobili directed video, posted up in front of Electric Lady studios on 8th Street puts them on the Rickster’s turf. But in reality, we’re on theirs. After The Smoke is as psychedelic as they come, like generations of spiritual musicians that recorded at the Greenwich Village studio—Jimi Hendrix and D’Angelo, for example. Watch Florida’s finest take the Big Apple and get up on their tunes below.



Ricky Powell the Rickster After The Smoke rap interview

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  • Erica

    the Rickster always reinvents himself…i think its very telling about his character that in the same week the Beasties are making the Hall of Fame he’s already looking to the future not the past for props…now thats Swag

  • redswag

    Good job Mass Appeal for picking up on these guys! I love ATS!

  • Damist04

    After the Smoke and Rickster wow he’s a legend! dope interview. 

  • Lo.

    Love this.