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AfroPunk 2013

AfroPunk 2013

While most eyes were on the VMAs this past weekend, we were out at AfroPunk 2013 getting it in!

Though most eyes were on the VMAs this past weekend, we headed out to Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn for the 9th Annual AFROPUNK Festival. The Skins, Wicked Wisdom, Danny Brown, and Theophilus London were just a few of the many performers to hit the stage. Mass Appeal contributor djali was there to capture the festival in full effect. Check out the photos below and head over to our Facebook page to tag yourself if you’re in any of the flicks.

  • bboycult

    Yeah…that’s where I wanted to be; but I have authority/responsibilities; I can’t go willy nilly everywhere and shit!?!

    That KRS t-shirt is THA BIZNESS, though….sadface/sigh

    “There’s a lot of attitudes going on around here…don’t let me get one!”- Dash/Fantastic Mr. Fox

  • Samantha Ng

    Wow, amazing photos! Just looking at them makes me feel as if I was there too! :)

  • imaginethisx24


  • Anonymous

    These photos really show me what I missed! Awesome job on the photography!