Aesop Rock rapper Justin CORO Kaufman Skelethon

Aesop Rock’s Colorful “Zero Dark Thirty”

Aesop Rock teams up with Justin "CORO" Kaufman to create the psychedelic visual to his new video "Zero Dark Thirty." All black everything, this is not. No A$AP.

It’s actually very refreshing that Justin “CORO” Kaufman’s art doesn’t necessarily have any direct relation to Aesop Rock’s rhymes in the video for “Zero Dark Thirty.” A few years ago, rappers got a little loose with the term synesthesia, associating their lyrics with anything visual, which seemed like their pretentious way of saying, “I learned a big word.” Then all of a sudden they’re sicker than your average, not clinically though. There’s something deeper at work in the mind of people with synesthesia because of a chemical imbalance. Aesop Rock having suffered a nervous breakdown in the past, knows about mental strife. The art that comes out of his struggle is illustrated in the organized chaos of his rhymes. His multimedia experience is complete from audio to visual through his new single. Download it below from Aesop Rock’s forthcoming album Skelethon, out July 10th on Rhymesayers.


Aesop Rock rapper Justin CORO Kaufman Skelethon

Aesop Rock rapper Justin CORO Kaufman Skelethon

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