Aesop Rock The Blob

Aesop Rock – “The Blob”

You dropped the blob on me.

Aesop Rock, the underground rapper/producer messiah, recently dropped a bomb of a beat collection for free online. The 32-minute collection is known as The Blob, and it’s available for free courtesy of Rhymesayers. Aesop calls The Blob a collection of “beats, loops, beeps, bloops, and crap that didn’t make it.” He released a statement on the free tape:

The Blob is 32 minutes of beats & sounds that have otherwise been orphaned by their hell-bound father. It is largely unmixed and occasionally offensive. James Lynch played bass on the one that sounds like an elf orgy. Allyson Baker played guitar on the last one. Mastered by Joey Raia.

Aesop Rock’s last solo effort was Skelethon in 2012, though in 2013 he dropped an album with Moldy Peaches’ Kimya Dawson, The Uncluded. Glad to see another release from the underground legend, especially with fire ass beats for free.

Listen to the tape below, download The Blob for absolutely free here.

Aesop Rock The Blob

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