Adult Swim Presents: “The Birth of Captain Murphy”

Space Viking? Mythical Monster egg baby??

A mysterious clip has surfaced, bequeathed to the masses by the Owl-Headed Council, detailing the possible origins of divinity personified. (Adult Swim has uploaded a clip, a little over 4 minutes long, detailing the birth of Captain Murphy.)

The LilFuchs-directed clip plays out like an episode of Super Jail meets Adventure Time, following the discovery of the Captain by a young man. Initially beginning with visions, the young man manifests Captain Murphy in sketches, his dog’s fur, and begins to see him everywhere. After his friends discover his “obsession,” they begin to roll out their own ideas of where the Captain comes from: the product of a mythical monster and volcano immaculate conception, a viking from Space, and even… nah, we can’t spoil this joint. The timing of this clip’s emergence is interesting considering the recent announcement of Flying Lotus’ upcoming album.

Hit the video player above to check out the Captain Murphy origin clip, and prepare to have your brain melted.

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