Action Bronson “The Symbol”

UPDATED: The trailer was good and the video is great. Enjoy Action’s display of burly-man acrobatics and Flushing, Queens fighting skills.

Normally we’re not interested in rap video trailers because most rap videos are so formulaic that having a trailer for one just seems unnecessary and downright ridiculous. However, the trailer for Action Bronson’s Alchemist-produced “The Symbol” is something special .

Judging by this short clip and what Action told us about it when we spoke recently this video might be the best ’70s crime/caper spoof video since the Beasties’ “Sabotage”– crooked wigs and all. Check out our man Bam Bam Bronson as he goes human tornado, kicking the asses of pimps, hookers and two-bit crooks with reckless abandon. The full video debuts Monday on Noisey.


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