Action Bronson “Strictly 4 My JEEPS” Remix ft. LL Cool J & Lloyd Banks

Action Bronson throws a curve ball with the new remix of Strictly 4 My JEEPS ft. LL Cool J and Lloyd Banks.

strictly for my jeeps remix

We don’t know what to make of the new Action Bronson, LL Cool J and Lloyd Banks “Strictly 4 My JEEPS” remix. It’s kind of hard to take LL Cool J seriously after he unsuccessfully tried to pull a Nelly on that country song with Brad Paisley, “Accidental Racist.”

Thought we forgot?

Bronson has been known to be a little bit on the random side. Just check out the video for the original “Strictly 4 My JEEPS.”

We’ll let you decide for yourself how you feel about the new track. Check out the remix of Action Bronson’s “Strictly 4 My JEEPS” featuring LL Cool J and Lloyd Banks below.

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