Action Bronson x Smart Crew in South Africa

Bronson. Smart Crew. South Africa. Yup.

Today we have been blessed with another episode of Action Bronson‘s “Adventure Time.” In this episode while on sabbatical doing pirouettes with gazelles and arm wrestling hippos for zebra pelts we find Young Bronson in the boonies of the Afrique about to engage in the fine arts. Accompanied by the illustrious Smart Crew, we see Bronson playing Warhol or Hirst, overseeing the production courtesy of the aforementioned crew. Don’t get it fuckin’ twisted though, Bronson hits the wall – peep the technique. Like Pollock, Bronson’s frantic gestures result in a fucking masterpiece. Bronson later takes off the artist hat and does his best Jerry Saltz and takes in the wall with his name on it in South Africa mural with some of South Africa’s aesthetically sound locals. Riveting shit. Check out the video above and enjoy another installment of “Adventure Time with Action Bronson.”

Action Bronson in front of the Action Bronson Mural in South Africa

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