Action Bronson’s “Blue Chips 2” Trailer and NBA Inspiration

Action Bronson and Party Supplies are up to no good in their trailer for Blue Chips. Now that I think about it they're probably the reason the Knicks haven't won a championship in the last 40 years.

Action Bronson and Party Supplies keep the basketball references bouncing (Ha!) in the trailer for their upcoming project Blue Chips 2. Amazing, nostalgic, and fucking incredible, Bronsolino does no wrong (at least in my eyes) as he plays a shady sports agent for the New York Knicks with a strung out Party Supplies. The duo ride around in a limo while Bronson makes illegal bets and threatens Patrick Ewing with a sub-machine gun–secretly the reason Patrick Ewing missed that layup in game seven of the 1995 Eastern Conference semi-finals against the Indiana Pacers. When you find a hilarious way to bring basketball and rap together, this blogger becomes a happy boy. Even the first single “Practice” starts off with a quote from once legendary NBA bad boy Allen Iverson talking his shit. Personally Blue Chips is my favorite body of work from Action Bronson. The chemistry between Party Supplies’ funky sample-based beats and Action’s witty and hilarious wordplay leaves me and probably other listeners excited to hear what they have in store. You can actually check out their song “Practice” below. There are so many fucking quotables in this trailer, but this one is probably my favorite.

If I lose this one, I will, oh my God, your nuts will be in your mothers mouth! – Action Bronson

Check out this scene from the actual film Blue Chips that might be the inspiration behind the trailer. Nick Nolte’s character wilds out on his team for losing a game.

UPDATE: Listen & download Blue Chips 2 below!


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