Action Bronson and Party Supplies “Steve Wynn” Video

The skinny character in the "Steve Wynn" video takes action into his own hands, in the form of bath salts, so he can lay the smackdown on some bullies.

Snorting Adderall is what kids have been doing for years. It’s making headlines in the news lately because they are flexing their mental muscle on exams such as the SATs, and the results are making their brains swell up like Action Bronson’s beefy frame. Brolic! Hopefully they’re bodying these tests of strength like Action does, taking his forearms to the chest cavities of the bullies in the “Steve Wynn” video. He plays a juiced up character high on bath salts, after morphing from a wimp. Director Rik Cordero shows the transformation of the skinny Action into the heavyweight version we come to know so that his character can settle his um, beef with the meatheads in the gym. Watch him go into a roid rage. Let the scene be a cautionary tale not to do drugs. Pump something else, like the volume on the Blue Chips mixtape, and keep it moving.

Blue Chips Action Bronson Party Supplies

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