Accountant Proves Financing the Street Fighter Competition Makes No Cents

Left, Left, Right, Right, Down-Forward, Hard Punch, Deduction...

Comedian Pete Holmes poses an important question with one of his latest YouTube sketches, one fans have probably been asking since Street Fighter’s inception: How sensible is it to have an international fighting tournament, with all the trimmings? When you think about it, these fighters are globetrotting on some Richard Branson levels, flying from country to country, fight after fight in the most exotic of locations, and destroying über-expensive sports cars all in the name of combat.

In the video, Holmes plays the accountant of the tournament’s overseer, Shadaloo Terrorist Organization boss M. Bison (Vega if you’re nasty). Holmes points out all those plane tickets and well trained elephants are a tad bit excessive, as well as another huge factor that’s causing the tournament to penny pinch… but you’ll have to watch to find out what it is.

Hit the video player up top to check out the hilarious clip that makes a little bit of sense out of some senseless violence… even if Bison ain’t really feelin it.

m bison pete holmes 2014 video screenshot

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