Carbon Festival 2012 Acclaim magazine

Acclaim’s Carbon Festival in Review

Last week, names like Mega of Black Scale clothing, DJ/producer Nick Catchdubs, and artist Faith 47 were rubbing elbows in Australia. Watch a video recap of all of Carbon's guests in Acclaim magazine's video recap.

Given the overwhelming experience of our first trip to Australia for the annual Carbon festival, you deserve a more filtered contrast to our grimy brain dump of photos and thoughts from the road. It’s through the power of Acclaim‘s devoted videographers who had the cameras filming the attendees. Their names ring bells like school after 2 o’clock, but if you don’t know their faces, well, they’re all here in this video recap. Appearances by: 13th Witness, Chaz Bojorquez, DJ Neil Armstrong, DALeast, Nick Catchdubs (Fools Gold), Eugene Kan (Hypebeast), Faith 47, Huw Bennett, Jasper Wong, Joy Yoon, Mega (Black Scale), Nic Fensom (Sneeze mag), Ricky Powell, Yimmy Yayo, and Noah Callahan-Bever (Complex).

Carbon Festival 2012 Acclaim magazine

Carbon Festival 2012 Acclaim magazine

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