Stormtrooper Star Wars darkside Episode IV George Lucas

Acclaim Mag Hosts Carbon’s Panel of Wizardry

Mass Appeal's EIC, Treats recaps a trip to Australia, courtesy of Carbon, Acclaim magazine's art and media festival.

Stormtrooper Star Wars darkside Episode IV George Lucas

I needed a break on my third day in Australia. Exhaustion kicked in the night I was running on a mere two hours of sleep, but I soldiered on. After traveling 20+ hours from NY to MEL, I could do anything, at least I thought, until I crashed on this dude’s couch amidst a penthouse of collectibles—taxidermy, and what looked like waxed fruit (it was real after all). Earlier that morning I popped the cherry on the annual Carbon festival. Over the course of two days, media professionals from the worlds of magazines, photography, music, graffiti, and fashion would bring their stories and expertise to Melbourne to inspire the cats down under.

Ricky Powell Andrew Montell Acclaim Magazine Australia Melbourne

Currently, Melbourne is a hotbed for creative expression being documented by Acclaim magazine, which credits Mass Appeal as its inspiration. We’re honored, because they really are a hub for Australia’s creatives. For two years strong, Acclaim has been hosting Carbon, wrangling sponsors like New Balance and New Era, helping to fly out icons like Futura 2000, and this year’s headliner, photographer/funky storyteller, Ricky Powell. Before the Rickster closed out the week of edutainment, Mass Appeal‘s presentation set it all off with your friendly Editor-In-Chief re-familiarizing the audience on the brand’s legacy as a pillar to graffiti and youth culture. In my recovery this week from the worst jet lag ever, Acclaim did a better job at quoting me than I could imagine. “In order to do well and survive, a brand must protect and stay true to its identity and credibility. People need to know you and what you represent.”

Hackula Ricky Powell photography slideshow Acclaim magazine Carbon

By day, Mass Appeal shared the stage with like-minded brands like Complex, Sneeze mag, and Fools Gold. By night, the conversation continued over meals (yes, kangaroo was on the menu), and stiff beverages that would fog up the Rickster’s stunna shades. You can see a full recap of the Fools Gold launch party here. But for now, we wind the clock back on an an insightful introduction to our neighbors on the other-other side. Melbourne is really like your cousin you wish you saw more of. You both have the city as your playground. You have a curiosity that never wanes. You have a distinct taste in the opposite sex, where you can appreciate their every detail down to the music on their iPhone. We love our local cultures, but we also love things that go pop, too. Case and point: pumping the brakes on my interview to chase down a gaggle of stormtroopers and Princess Leia walking through Federation Square. It’s barely a spectacle in NY, except for Comic Con. This is just another day in Oz.

Party Supplies producer Fools Gold live

Ferris Wheel Melbourne Carnival Art Architecture

Ricky Powell photography NYC Funky Uncle Beastie Boys

Stormtrooper Star Wars darkside Episode IV George Lucas

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