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PREMIERE: Abgohard ‘Zubat’ Mixtape

Need two reasons to listen Abgohard's new mixtape? It's named after a Pokemon. He labels his genre of music as "WeirdN*gga." Okay, now go listen to it.


Abgohard is not afraid of what people may think about him. He’s not afraid to name his mixtape after a Pokémon. And he’s definitely not afraid to drown in some p****.

The ICK representer delivers a brand new mixtape entitled Zubat, featuring 17 tracks of turn-up goodness, that will definitely leave a few NSFW hooks stuck in your head. This is the type of joint you throw on at a house party and wild out to, at least until the cops come. While the subject matter of songs like “Plenty” and “Not Afraid,” will earn you a reproachful look from anyone within earshot, Ab may surprise you with his lyrical depth on tracks like “Garden Full,” and “FTH.” For the most part the MC keeps shit weird. Seriously, he literally labeled his genre of music “WeirdN*gga.”

If you’re looking for some backpacker-rapper, introspective, do-gooder type of music then this probably isn’t for you. However, if you frequently find yourself running out of f*cks to give, make fun of hipsters, or know the lyrics to any Afroman song — Zubat is for you.

You can listen to Abgohard’s new mixtape Zubat below and download the project here.

The cover artwork for Abgohard's mixtape Zubat

Zubat features appearances from Alvie TheSkywalker, Darryl J, Mike Petrow, Aaron Cohen, Spaceman, Kahreh, and Ev4n Holt. Production work comes courtesy of 20th Letter, THAD, Rxmeo, Woadie, Jayyeah, Khepra, and Loopholes.

Hit up Abgohard on Twitter and let him know what you think about Zubat, but don’t go to his Tumblr. Okay, go to his Tumblr, but not at work.

Mass Appeal supports Devin P-B, but not his tweets @its_DPB.

Abgohard Plenty

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