Abgohard Plenty

Abgohard “Plenty”

ICK representer Abgohard drops a new song entitled "Plenty." It's ignorantly catchy and deserves a spot on your "ratchet hour" playlist.

Abgohard new track Plenty

ICK representer Abgohard just dropped a brand new track, entitled “Plenty,” that deserves a spot on your weekend “ratchet hour” playlist (we know you have one). It’s admittedly ignorant as f***, so much so that you’ll forget to be offended and commence the official #turnup dance (see below).


“Plenty” starts off some sitar-like synth, before breaking down into the 808 booms and baps the kids are so fond of these days, myself included. I don’t want to spoil the hook of the track for you, so hit play below and find out what Abgohard has “Plenty” of.

You can catch Abgohard at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn on June 21st for $5 Dollar Fridays.

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Mass Appeal supports Devin P-B, but not his tweets @its_DPB.

Abgohard Plenty

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    omg abgohard is god

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    Yung Purp!