Abgohard “Not Afraid”

Listen to Abgohard recall his death-by-vagina and rap about it from the afterlife.

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Holy sh*t is it Friday already? Hell yes, and all bets are off! Hence my review of this frightful new Abgohard track, “Not Afraid.” But not frightful in the sense of “stay away,” I mean frightful in the sense of shocking you into submission. This is exactly what dude does when he takes on the role of a horny Lil Wayne on DMT backed up by a zombie Keith Sweat on vocals. WTF? Yea son, exactly what I was asking when I started listening to this dude croon about drowning in some amazing vagina. Weezy’s “P*ssy Monster” from about five years back or so ain’t got a thing on Abgohard. Please listen to this on this lovely Friday. Hate me later.

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