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Aaron Cohen “My Mother and My Music”

Aaron Cohen “My Mother and My Music”

It’s a starry night in Aaron Cohen’s new video for “My Mother and My Music.” Off his upcoming Potential Fans mixtape, the track lets would be ladies know that Aaron’s only got two loves in this world, and neither are them. The video is directed by Jason Ano, who previously helmed A$AP Rocky’s “Purple Swag.” Potential Fans drops on Nov. 12, and you can check the tracklist an cover below. Until then, lay back and let Mr. Cohen and Ano take you away with the above clip.


1. True (prod. by AJ Rice)
2. Nickvanexelrose feat. ABGOHARD (prod. by Daimyo)
3. Potential Fans (prod. by Tommy Kruise)
4. Like They Should (prod. by Lazy Knuckles)
5. Why You Mad For feat. Grande Marshall (prod. by Eff.Dope & Su Bviley (TribeGvng))
6. Anyways (prod. by Yuri Beats)
7. My Mother and My Music (prod. by Eff.Dope (TribeGvng))
8. Still Around feat. Hefna Gwap (prod. by Lord Plawz)
9. Gottem Coach (prod. by DK All Day)
10. Monotone Methadone (prod. by SHMX)
11. Hurt Me feat. Kassa Overall (prod. by Yuri Beats)
12. Know Me Now (prod. by Tee Rxmeo)
13. Wes Unseld (prod. by Jansport J)
14. Ego (prod. by Yuri Beats)


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