A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q’s “Brand New Guy” Video

A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q's collaboration is a meeting of the East and West coast, respectively. Yet a memorable theme from the "Brand New Guy" video allows them to converge upon a theme from Atlanta.

A$AP Rocky’s appreciation for southern rap goes beyond the slowed down vocals akin to screwed and chopped music from Texas. His newest video for “Brand New Guy” takes a page out of the video for “Southern Hospitality” by Ludacris. In 2000, Luda flipped the script for the third verse, literally, by rapping suspended in the air. Luda’s charismatic moves were shadowed by A$AP and Schoolboy Q, sharing the climax of the record towards the end of the track. The inverted performance technique is underused in rap videos. Credit the ICU Lab for taking the road less traveled, shooting “Brand New Guy” in such an unorthodox fashion. Speed up to 2:53 from “Southern Hospitality” to see the previous rare instance of rapping upside down.

A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q "Brand New Guy" Video

A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q "Brand New Guy" Video

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