A-Trak’s DJ Routines That Are On The Money

A-Trak conducts beats and a money train of tracks inspired by the almighty dollar.

DJ A-Trak’s made a killing off deejaying. His pockets are fat, like his blog which reads the tag line “Fat-free Since 1982.” But we’re not about counting his money, just the amount of times his craziest routines have been tied to the moula, scrilla, dinero. After watching his latest routine for “Money Makin'”, his track with Dillon Francis, we couldn’t help but notice the recurring theme money plays in some of his greatest compositions. That said, here’s a collection of other joints that feature A-Trak going ham over the cheese.

At the 30:06 mark from A-Trak’s Boiler Room set, he pays tribute to the routine made famous by the legendary DJ Cash Money (LL Cool J’s former DJ).

Oh, speaking of Cash Money, Trizzy honored his late friend and oft-collaborator DJ AM by working his name in to this juggle routine of “Go DJ” by Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh. RIP Adam Goldstein.

The “Go DJ” routine makes a return at the Fat Beats Farewell. At the place that served the DJ for years, it was fitting that Trizzy’s clutch feat of turntablism get some burn. People still seemed to respond to his lightening reflexes chopping up the New Orleans bounce of Mannie Fresh’s production, even though the record was probably distanced furthest from the core underground (New York) rap the store specialized in.

The Throne’s “Gotta Have It” got reworked into “Where My Money At,” a remix made earlier this year by A-Trak. He keeps Kanye’s verse true to the original, but kicks it into high gear looping Jigga’s opening statement over something you can clap your hands to, or maybe rub your palms to. Your pick. Burrrr.

Let’s not forget A-Trak is from Canada. He didn’t want to let you forget that either when he took Drake’s “Money To Blow” smash, and ran it through the currency exchange, remixing it into “Loonies To Blow.” The title was a nod to Canada’s dollar coins, that hold even more weight when trying to make it rain to the strip club anthem by Drake and his Young Money Cash Money Brothers. A-Trak’s cashin’ out.

DJ A-Trak "Money Makin'" Routine Video

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