Pusha T Larry King

A Tale of Two Kings: Pusha T Sits Down With Larry King

King Push vs Larry King.

Pusha T talks dream collaborations, gay rappers, the “N” word, and a bunch of other interesting info in his latest interview with the god, Larry King.

In Part 1 of the interview, above, Pusha admits that his dream collaborations include the likes of rap legends Nas, Jay Z, Missy Elliot, and Queen Latifah. Hopefully, one of these dreams comes true in time for his forthcoming album, King Push. Pusha also speaks on hitting the studio with The Neptunes for an entire month to work on the album, but reveals he “hasn’t finalized” the number of tracks the production group with be on.

When it comes to the topic of gay rappers, Pusha says he doesn’t give a shit about what any artist does behind closed doors, as long as the music is good. But nothing is better than My Name is My Name, of course.

Larry King: Why are we not seeing a gay rapper ?

Pusha T: At this time I just sorta  feel like the gay and homosexual culture is just not … the coming out party is just not that important anymore. I don’t think we care. Even if there was a gay rapper I don’t think we’d really..

LK: It wouldn’t bother anybody.

PT: If the music was good.

LK: So it comes down to the music ?

PT: Definitely.

Check out the new interview with Pusha T to find out more on his experience working with Kanye West, the Clipse “break up,” and his feelings on “crack rap” below.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Pusha T Larry King

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