Is there a How High Sequel?

A Potential “How High” Sequel Has Us Conflicted

Can we get much higher?

Back in my college days, me and my buddies watched a lot of the same movies over and over again. Call it stoners replay value. There was a run sophomore year where it seemed like we finished every night with “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.” Snootchi Bootchies.

But nothing really ever topped “How High” – a divine blend of three of our favorite pastimes – smoking, laughing, and rap. One of my friends knows every single solitary line from the movie, and the fantasy football team we share (which won the championship this past season) goes by “The Name’s Jamal.” My phone has self-programmed TNJ into its autocorrect.

It’s not important how we got that name, only that it references “How High” and it’s the most fun thing to say – ever. “How High” brings us constant joy and in a way, monetary gain. It is at the core of our lives. Make of that what you may, but we’re not ashamed of it in the slightest.

So seeing this news that a “How High” sequel is in the works fills me with excitement and trepidation. We know the risk of trying to recreate the magic of an original: add to a legacy or tarnish it; build the franchise higher, or set it toppling down.

But Method Man knows all of that, too. Mr. Tical sat down with B. Real in the Cypress Hill frontman’s “The Smoke Box,” and at the 5:16 mark B, who has a cameo in the original, asked about a “How High” follow up.

“Funny you said that ’cause we got a meeting tonight with some guys that are writers, and they’re pretty hot right now,” Meth said. “I don’t wanna give they resumé. I’m not a name dropper. Hopefully, something will come out of that because we’re gonna crash our ideas together tonight.”

“I wanna see it get done, but I wanna see it get done right. ‘Cause if we do it and we just throw it out there, it has to [live up to the first one]…or it’s gonna kill our brand. Hopefully we could springboard off that and do more weed-esque movies. Like Cheech and Chong when they was doing it. You gotta have a ‘Dazed and Confused’ movie every two years.

For sure, and the chemistry between Meth and Red has always been top notch. Any doubt that “How High 2” wouldn’t live up to the first is squashed by Meth’s reassuring words. The fact that “Anchorman 2” was a huge success (to some) helps as well.

Either way, if a sequel does make its way to the box office, The Name’s Jamal boys will most definitely be there to fucks with it. I mean, if they write the script high, and everyone goes see it high, then it’ll get high scores! Right?

Is there a How High Sequel?

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