A Day In Tijuana


Filmer Zack Mack (Holla Zack) probably knows enough skate homies to film an exotic rip n’ trip every weekend. Recently, the San Francisco-based film grad gathered up a motley crew of amigos and headed south of the border to Tijuana, Mexico for a days worth of spots, locals, and brews. Here’s the footy of what went down incredibly well. Props to riders Lenny Rivas, Kellen James, Larelle Gray, Adelmo Jumior, Paul Sewell, Pawel Krezel, and Jaun Leno.

Skateboard Mexico Walk Hat Cap Street

Dog Fence Gate Growl

Mexico Beggar Homeless Sidewalk

Skateboard Kid Child Mexico

Skateboard Flip Trick Mexico

Hands Dirty Sk8 Mafia Shirt Mexico