A Day In The Life And Game Concert With Simon Lambey

A Day In The Life And Game Concert With Simon Lambey

And the Academy Award for nomination for “Best Cinematic Portrayal of a Skateboarder” definitely  goes to director Brandon Steed for his amazing depiction of a day in the life with Simon Lambey. The Arizona-based skater gets a real trap-based visual treatment for a day of ninja stars and doobies, DIY glue repairs, riding, and a final topping of backstage access to a Game concert. Grab a seat and vibe with the homie. I’m pretty sure that most ignorant cats (including myself) who didn’t know about the diamond in the rough that is Simon Lambey, will know now. Definitely have to give it up to the production team for the epic footage and edit. I mean really genius work here fellas! All of it laced to The Game’s “Scared Now” track. Doesn’t get any trappier folks. Fifty bucks say this edit will run through every skate blog known to man, if it hasn’t already.

Glue Shoe Steed Flicks Title Opening Shot
Wallet Ninja Star Doobie Hands Jeans
Smoke Doobie Weed Reefer Joint
Skate Arizona Trick Crooked Grind
Car Stand Interior Door Open
The Game Chain Smoke Concert Performance Rapper