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A Brief History of Hip-Hop Dance

A Brief History of Hip-Hop Dance

Let the poppers pop and the breakers break. That is, if you actually know how to pop and break. If you don’t and your hip-hop dance skills leave something to be desired, don’t worry Ubisoft’s got you covered with their soon-to-be-released The Hip Hop Dance Experience game that features some of the most popular moves in hip-hop history. Complex and Ubisoft joined forces to compile a list of these dances  and even enlisted Hurrikane for a video where he demonstrates over 30 years of hip-hop dances in less than two minutes. Check out the video below and be on the lookout for  The Hip Hop Dance Experience this fall.

  • Laura Bermudez

    the Biz Markie!

  • yadda doo

    i’m excited about the game, but also nervous that the secrets of rocking will be exposed to the general public! I won’t feel special anymore shit.